| The San Francisco Handshake |


Inspired by MGMT | The Handshake spotify:track:7gIiIdRiiK1LoN4LBCCwHp   This summer, during a fun stay in Crown Heights, Brooklyn (more about that soon on the blog!) I stretched into other parts of Brooklyn and of course checked out Williamsbourg where I had not laid foot since 2010. The whole thing changed a lot – so quickly […]

| TBT MIX #02 ‘Brazil, Oh Yeah’ |


♫ After the summer break I decided to take some time and go back to my beloved home jungle, and of course as soon as that decision was made I started craving my favorite local stuff. Food in Brazil is extreme : it can be absolutely exquisite…as an interesting mix of savory flavors and fruits […]

| #DIY How to infuse spirits ? |


Inspired by Tom Waits | Little Drop of Poison Remember that amazing cocktail you had at some fancy cocktail bar…something infused with pepper… or that other one with lavender ? It was delicious, and probably hard to make right…? Wrong! Infusing spirits not only is a fairly easy task but it’s pretty cool as a […]

| TBT MIX #01 ‘Back to School’ |


This blog has mainly focused on food so far, but music is not less of a passion to me. For years I’ve created playlists and played at friends parties, so I figured, why not share them here? My goal is to share a new playlist every week, so if you are tired of always listening to […]

| Empanadas | 


Inspired by Kate Bush | Babooshka  So while apparently everyone from Paris and New York rushed to London –  the lucky ones who got a ticket for Kate Bush’s out of the blue come back – I took some time to go visit my brother and wife in sunny Barcelona, or El Mas Nou, to be […]

| Lemon Tart |


Inspired by Woodlock | Lemons If I had to choose, the Brazilian in me imposes it, I would always choose limes over lemons. Nevertheless there are 3 reasons why lemons won a special place in my heart lately : I recently stumbled upon a greatest hits clip from Liz Lemon, a hero. I loved that show […]

| Instagram Contest #02 #egg |


Inspired by Open Your Box | Yoko Ono Category is: product design x food styling. You … Have flirted with it ( ) Are really into it ( ) Say you hate it but actually want to learn more about it  ( ) ? Tick a box. Then get a designerbox. Play our | Instagram Contest #02 | and get […]

| Raspberry Tart |


Inspired by Black Moth Super Rainbow | Raspberry Dawn Making tarts, pies and tartelettes is probably my favorite thing to do in the kitchen. It’s very easy to make, and it totally makes the difference when the crust is home made (vs. buying a ready to use one) and with 2-3 tricks we can have wonderful results! Take […]

| Spaghetti alla Puttanesca |


Inspired by Paint it Black | Rolling Stones Coming from a 100% italian family, while growing up I experienced recipes coming from all parts of Italy. One of my favorite is the “alla puttanesca”. The story behind the name is simple : this is the recipe once used by neapolitan prostitutes to attract clients – thanks […]

| Double Chocolate Muffins |


Inspired by Chocolate (Oli Slack Remix) | The 1975 When I was a student at Sciences Po Lille I had a muffin-obsessed phase. I had decided that I would master THE muffin recipe and nothing would stop me. And it worked…I behaved as a crazy man baking something like 250 muffins total in two weeks…which […]