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Inspired by Open Your Box | Yoko Ono

Category is: product design x food styling.

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Tick a box. Then get a designerbox.

Play our | Instagram Contest #02 | and get a chance to win Sebastian Bergne’s exclusive #egg alcohol carafe !


Yet another concept of ‘membership-subscription-monthly’ surprise … wait… this one is actually interesting – the idea is fairly simple: choose a subscription and receive at home a unique, limited edition object created by an international design superstar exclusively for designerbox.

This concept struck me as perhaps one of the only “boxes” of its kind that is actually interesting enough (talented designers + #beautifulandyetuseful objets) to make it actually worth it. In my opinion, besides Sebastien Bergne’s ‘Egg‘, some other little jewels from the #designerbox collection such as Guillaume Delvigne’s ‘Swimming Pool‘…


or Piero Lissoni’s ‘Casual‘…


…will also make your banquet and/or cocktail party look quite beautiful.


Were you lucky enough to get a membership just before easter 2014 ? Then perhaps you even got their delicious “oeuf à plat” chocolate creation with issue #10.

Bergne’s beautiful – pick your poison! – egg alcohol carrafe actually inspired another Sébastian that – included as April’s ‘creative friend’ – performed his little trick with Feccano / Haïti (66%) chocolate, delicately melted into two half egg-shells and then garnished with salted caramel.


Yum, well that was April….and this is how a delayed April Fool feels like. Sorry! Unfortunately I can’t resurrect these chocolate wonders but I can help you win one of these amazing #egg carrafes!


See… I recently got my hands on one of the designerbox#10 boxes, and will be drawing a winner next weekend ! So if you want a chance to win this beauty, the rules are simple: just follow @mydesignerbox and leave a comment below telling us what you would put inside your magic carafe ! The most creative answer will get you your #egg shipped to your house !

Good luck!

For further information check out designerbox

11 Responses to “| Instagram Contest #02 #egg |”
  1. Eugenie says:

    I just came across your blog last week (thanks to Linkedin I guess, as you were a former student of sciences po lille) and instantly fell in love! Thank you for this discovery, what a great concept store! The egg is splendide and as I am flying soon to Porto, I’ll be delighted to fill that beauty with Porto wine, my delicious weakness, I must confess :) I’d be pleased to follow @designerbox but is it the right name? It seems not to be working. Thanks again and congrats for your amazing work!

    • hey eugenie ! thank you for your kind words and the tip.. indeed they just changed to @mydesignerbox that will be the account for the contest ! I and you are officially in ! good luck :) – I also absolutely love porto wine !

  2. kevin Bruhier Le Tallec says:

    Well I’d simply put água do Brasil… Because… É muito diferente… Né ? #justlikethatamazingcarafe #simplestuffsarethebest

  3. L’idée serait de créer un écosystème dans votre carafe magique :) Il faudrait juste un substrat , une/ de(s) plantes ( lierres, les fougères naines, les mousses et les diverses plantules) de la lumière et un seul et unique arrosage, ensuite la photosynthèse s’occupe du reste . Grace au co2/ o2 produit par la/les plantes jour et à l’inverse la nuit plus la condensation de l’eau, le microcosme s’auto-régule en cycle fermé et continu.

  4. camille says:

    i’d put the nice calvados my father gave me this weekend!

  5. Unptitdejaparis says:

    Hello :) Can you tell us when are the results ? *impatient* *inlovewiththiscarrafe* :) see you soon on twitter :)

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