| The San Francisco Handshake |

Inspired by MGMT | The Handshake

This summer, during a fun stay in Crown Heights, Brooklyn (more about that soon on the blog!) I stretched into other parts of Brooklyn and of course checked out Williamsbourg where I had not laid foot since 2010. The whole thing changed a lot – so quickly – in most parts you feel like you are in Greenwich Village really, which is a little weird. Nevertheless there are still some amazing spots like Hotel Delmano where you feel somewhere else in time.

Other than a nice change of scene this spot provides amazing cocktails, among which | The San Francisco Handshake |. Often after trying something amazing I try to reproduce it, and here is my attempt. Should you desire to do the same, just be careful when shouting out the name of this potion – it can also mean the act of greeting someone by grabbing their crotch instead of their hand.

Two things you’ll need to master to achieve it :
  1. Producing thyme-infused gin, which is quite easy and fun – no panic all the instructions to do so can be found here : | #DIY How to infuse spirits? |
  2. As all drinks served up its ingredients have to be chilled with ice cubes while shaken, then strained and served into a cocktail glass.

| Ingredients per cocktail |

_ 5cl of thyme-infused gin

_ 3cl of st germain

_ 3cl of fresh lemon juice

_ a dash of fernet branca 

_ a sprig of thyme

| Step by Step |

  1. Prepare a shaker with ice cubes.
  2. Add all ingredients besides the sprig and shake like there is no tomorrow.
  3. Strain into a cocktail glass and add the thyme sprig for decoration.
  4. Cheers.



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