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Inspired by Black Moth Super Rainbow | Raspberry Dawn

Making tarts, pies and tartelettes is probably my favorite thing to do in the kitchen. It’s very easy to make, and it totally makes the difference when the crust is home made (vs. buying a ready to use one) and with 2-3 tricks we can have wonderful results! Take a | Raspberry Tart | for instance, it’s frankly not complicated to make, it totally impresses and it’s quite beautiful.

Look at those pretty raspberries smiling at you, this custard still tepid  and this sweet pastry crust waiting to be devoured… is it enough to convince you ? Try it out & let me know your thoughts!

| Ingredients for 8|

Sweet pastry crust

_ 250g of sieved flour
_ 125g of unsalted butter
_ 100g of caster sugar
_ 1 free-range egg yolk
_ 30ml of cold water
5g of fine salt

Custard & Garnish

_ 500ml of milk
_ 125g of caster sugar
_ 40g of sieved flouer
_ 4 free-range egg yolks
_ 1 vanilla bean
_ 1 large raspberry basket

| Step by Step |

  1. There are many ways of making a sweet pastry crust, but after my ‘CAP cuisine’ training – meaning after making them over a hundred times haha – I believe the best way to make sure it goes as desired it’s to actually make it inside a large bowl and not ‘en fontaine’ (making a little pool with the flour and adding ingredients from the middle). Start by softening the butter with a spatula or wooden spoon. Spread, stir, flatten… until it’s completely soft without melting. Now mix the sugar, the egg yolk, water and salt…mixing with two fingers always making circular moves. To finish it, add the sieved flour until you get a homogenous ball. According to the size of your tin you have to choose if you’ll be going for one or two balls, film it and let it rest for 30 minutes.
  2. The custard, is also very easy to make, but you still have to pay attention to two things : the flour – to avoid lumps & the cooking temperature – so it doesn’t burn making it homogenous. Start by removing all grains inside the vanilla bean by cutting it in half then scrape with the tip of your knife. Infuse the milk with it and get it to boil. On another bowl mix the sugar with the yolks and add the flour. Once the vanilla-milk boiled take it out of the heat and pour part of it on the mixture, mixing until the whole thing is liquid. Now combine the liquid mixture with the warm milk and bring it back to high heat. Once you add flour to a sauce or a cream you have to cook it for at least 4 minutes. This will take out that awkward taste that comes with flour. Stir to avoid any burning and as soon as it starts getting consistency remove from heat. Keep stirring until it cools down, wrap it so it doesn’t go dry on the top and let it cool.
  3. Get the sweet pastry crust out of the fridge, put it in shape with a pastry roll (or if not, a clean glass bottle) and if possible keep a sheet of baking paper between your sweet pastry crust and the tin, it always makes thing easier! Bake the pastry crust (you can use adapted baking beans or improvise : chick-pea, lentils, red beans with baking paper. 20-30 minutes at 170°c should do the trick, make sure that the crust is golden all around. Once cooled down, fill it with custard and place your raspberry (don’t forget to give them a wash before).
  4. If you don’t serve it right away, keep the tart inside a tupperware or worst case scenario inside a closed space like your microwave. If you let it exposed to air, the custard will dry up, which would be a shame!



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