| The San Francisco Handshake |


Inspired by MGMT | The Handshake spotify:track:7gIiIdRiiK1LoN4LBCCwHp   This summer, during a fun stay in Crown Heights, Brooklyn (more about that soon on the blog!) I stretched into other parts of Brooklyn and of course checked out Williamsbourg where I had not laid foot since 2010. The whole thing changed a lot – so quickly […]

| TBT MIX #02 ‘Brazil, Oh Yeah’ |


♫ After the summer break I decided to take some time and go back to my beloved home jungle, and of course as soon as that decision was made I started craving my favorite local stuff. Food in Brazil is extreme : it can be absolutely exquisite…as an interesting mix of savory flavors and fruits […]

| #DIY How to infuse spirits ? |


Inspired by Tom Waits | Little Drop of Poison Remember that amazing cocktail you had at some fancy cocktail bar…something infused with pepper… or that other one with lavender ? It was delicious, and probably hard to make right…? Wrong! Infusing spirits not only is a fairly easy task but it’s pretty cool as a […]

| TBT MIX #01 ‘Back to School’ |


This blog has mainly focused on food so far, but music is not less of a passion to me. For years I’ve created playlists and played at friends parties, so I figured, why not share them here? My goal is to share a new playlist every week, so if you are tired of always listening to […]

| Empanadas | 


Inspired by Kate Bush | Babooshka  So while apparently everyone from Paris and New York rushed to London –  the lucky ones who got a ticket for Kate Bush’s out of the blue come back – I took some time to go visit my brother and wife in sunny Barcelona, or El Mas Nou, to be […]