| TBT MIX #02 ‘Brazil, Oh Yeah’ |

After the summer break I decided to take some time and go back to my beloved home jungle, and of course as soon as that decision was made I started craving my favorite local stuff. Food in Brazil is extreme : it can be absolutely exquisite…as an interesting mix of savory flavors and fruits or delicious sweet treats…but it can also be a crazy mixture of flavors  quite often fried with too much oil and too intense for your palate to understand or appreciate.

One absolute truth though : meat is quite often amazing. Beef in particular. Too a point that some people have it twice a day, which we agree is not healthy. But I do believe that is because, be it at a street food vendor, your average neighborhood restaurants, cooked with love by grand-ma or at a fancy restaurant it is – 99% of the time – nicely done. Touch it – it’s soft, bite it it’s juicy, taste it – it’s delicious. Oh and wait for it… it’s cheap.

For that reason, after ODing on the best cuts of picanha, fraldinha, alcatra and cupim… I put together a mix that will bring some of the best and the – acceptable – worse of Brazilian music, and perhaps will inspire some BBQ vibes inside you.

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