| Spaghetti alla Puttanesca |

Inspired by Paint it Black | Rolling Stones

Coming from a 100% italian family, while growing up I experienced recipes coming from all parts of Italy. One of my favorite is the “alla puttanesca”. The story behind the name is simple : this is the recipe once used by neapolitan prostitutes to attract clients – thanks to the strong odours that these ingredients exhale ! Instead of being disgusted by this little story, I strongly encourage you to try it, why not for your #sundaypasta!

Oh yeah…one detail, I really love squid ink preparations, so here we’ll paint your spaghetti in black, which will enhance the taste of the anchovies, they go very very well together!

| Ingredients |

For 4, count:


_ 500g of ink squid spaghetti 

Puttanesca sauce

_ 500g of tomatoes

_ 1 dried red pepper

_ 6 anchovy fillets

_ 125g of black olives

_ 2 garlic cloves

_ extra virgin olive oil 

_ capers to taste

_ chopped parsley to taste



_ good pain 

| Method |

Start by the sauce since it will take some time. Heat the olive oil with the crushed garlic, chopped dried red pepper and anchovies. Let is cook slowly for a few minutes.

Add the tomatoes, roughly chopped. Then the olives, capers et let it boil. Reduce the heat and let it cook for a while.

Now you can start boiling water for the pasta inside a big pan. Remember this little tip I shared on this other pasta recipe (1L of water for each 100g of pasta). Add some salt before the paste and cook it until they are al dente. 

Keep an eye on your sauce, that should cook at least 20 minutes so you get a relatively thick sauce. Once the pasta is done, get ready to drain, but do save up a few spoons of the cooking water in case your sauce got too dry.


Serve as soon as possible with or without parmesan. And don’t forget some good white wine and bread, for this they are mandatory !


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