| Cucumber Martini |

Inspired by Lights & Music (Boys Noize remix) | Cut Copy

In NY I learned that every cocktail pour into a Martini glass was – almost – automatically called a “something martini” whereas to be worth the title there should be gin or vodka + dry vermouth involved. More precisely @ Mercer’s Kitchen (b/w Prince & Mercer St) I pushed the learning experience further and got spellbound with their Cucumber Martini. Delicious, surprising (well, yes it’s cucumber based) and fresh!

I became voluntarily obsessed by this cocktail to a point where it became my signature drink at many roof-topped parties where we listened to Cut Copy over and over while repeating one of my favourite franco-french expressions “on est bien là.” sometimes followed by “bah oui hein!”.

Anyways, enough nostalgia, the sun is invading slowly Paris – to your shakers !

| Ingredients |

_ 1/2 cucumber

_ 1 lime

_ mint leaves 

_ 1 cl sugar syrup

_ 5 cl of gin or vodka

_ ice cubes

| Method |

Start by putting your chosen glass in the fridge, or cool it up with lot’s of ice cubes. Then crush the cucumber, the lime, a few leaves of mint and the sugar syrup in the shaker. Add the gin or the vodka and some ice cubes and shake until they melt and everything mixes well.

If you want a “sugar rim” cut a lime and scrub it on both sides of the edge of your glass. Make a small mount of sugar on a plate and turn the glass on it until it sticks everywhere.

For an industrial production of Cucumber Martini’s, crush all you need (multiplying your quantities) into a jar, add the gin or vodka, the ice cubes and mix well – really well ! – with an appropriate spoon!

Cheers !

♫ Lights and music / Are on my mind…

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