| The New Supreme’s Juicy Cocktail |

Inspired by Custom Car Crash | Calla

I’ve been recently re-(re)-watching American Horror Story – Coven and one thing I cannot get tired of is Fifi’s drinking & destroying scenes. Bitch is fierce and she knows it. Although all that power doesn’t seem to get her a proper juicy (and yet pretty strong, yes…) cocktail when needed.


Tonight, a good – even more obsessed  friend – decided to throw a Seven Wonders Birthday party… and I felt this was the perfect occasion to mix something up ! Have 10 of those, if you are still up… perhaps you are the next Supreme.


| Ingredients |

_ 1 blood orange

_ a handful of seedless grapes

_ 1 cl sugar syrup (optional)

_ 5 cl of vodka

ice cubes


| Method |

You don’t need powers, just a sharp knife & a shaker. Start by crushing 10-15 grapes inside your shaker until they are jammed. Cut one blood oranges in half, and squeeze it nicely (only care about the seeds if your not using a proper straining shaker) to get all the juice out of them. Add the vodka and some ice cubes and shake it like if this was the 8th wonder trial.

The only tricky thing about this cocktail is the sugar dosage which totally depends on your blood oranges and grapes… and of course your taste. Just shake it well and taste, and add some sugar syrup if necessary, shake again. Add a few grapes inside & you are done !

Cheers & remember



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