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| Dark Chocolate Mini Cakes |

Inspired by Can’t Get Used To Those | Dimlite

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Easter is gone. But all that chocolate is still around isn’t it?

Even though you probably went a bit crazy and blamed it on the magic bunny… there is a limit to how much chocolate you can eat it like that… I know some people are real addicts and can just swallow a whole tablet, or easter egg but I personally prefer chocolate when put into some nice desert rather than by itself. If you are lucky, you probably got way much more chocolate than you can eat in a month…which means you can use it all for baking !

I just got back from Barcelona, where I spent easter visiting my brother and working on a lot of new recipes  (pizzas, pastas and many fat deserts will be showing up on the blog this upcoming weeks!) and  managed to put together a really nice recipe for individual mini chocolate cakes. I took the base from my absolute favorite & signature dessert recipe – | Double Chocolate & Raspberries Fondant | – and twisted it a little bit to make sure we would have mini chocolate cakes available for breakfast, tea and dinner for days… ! The following recipe should get you 10-12 mini cakes, so depending on how many you want to bake… do the math !  

| Ingredients |

_ 200g of good dark chocolate (70%)

_ 250g sugar

_ 200g unsalted butter

_ 5 eggs

_ 50g of flour 

| Method |

This is one of those i-can-bake-something-amazing-in-less-than-40-minutes recipe. So let’s get started by pre-heating your oven to 180°.

After that, melt the dark chocolate and butter in a bain-marie, stirring regularly to mix it well. If you’re really in a hurry you can opt to use the microwave: two minutes should be enough on full power. The worst-case scenario is the chocolate burns and you have to start over this part. So the microwave is an option but I’d recommend the bain-marie.

While those guys are melting, start preparing your muffin pans. If you can, go for silicon pans otherwise make sure to butter it to make sure you remove the puffs without damaging them.

Now in a bowl mix together the sugar with the melted chocolate & butter. Mix well. Add in the eggs, once by one, incorporating them into the mixture without beating too vigorously as this might ruin the consistency. Finish it by adding the flour and mixing until you can’t see anything white. And there you go, off to the oven. 

The mini cakes are quite small so they should bake pretty fast. Also, nobody is against a little melty core so… let them be for 10 minutes and check.. And add a couple more if needed. Once they are done, powder them with some icing sugar and eat away…

mini-chocolate-cake-Muffin-crumble3-fraise-pomme-cannelle-strawberry-cinnamon-apple-031felipe-terrazzan-the-blind-taste-food-blog-gourmand-cuisine-culinary-recette-recipe-guide-restaurant-paris-new-york-sao-paulo-fooding-receitas-gastronomia-cozinha-delicious-easy-tasty-facile-candelaria-glass-paris-3-marais-restaurant-tacos-tapas-mexicain7-sake-sakerinha-cocktail-fraise-basilic-basilc-strawberry-bruschetta-grapes-raisins-chèvre-noix-walnuts-bruschetta 1-tarte-caramel-poires-caramelises-caramelized-pears-6-9

They are delicious hot or cold… and if you need something extra you can always top them with dulce de leche, any caramel based sauce, or even any kind of berry coulis.

Recipe featured @ Paulette Magazine 
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  1. Virginie Watrin says:

    On a fait ta recette avec François (enfin surtout moi) mais pour un gâteau entier, tout le monde a aimé ;) Merci!

  2. Haha je suis sûr qu’il a fait de son mieux ! merci à vous !

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