| Dainty Strawberry Tartlets |

Inspired by (Tapping) The Source | Cocosuma

Unfortunately the cyclical structure of our little lives means we’re not always on top form. Are we susceptible to highs and lows? Without a doubt. The good news is that if you’re feeling down, here are two things which are sure to help you spring back: Cocosuma (particularly their 2001 album – I refuse to grow up) and these dainty strawberry tartlets.

| Ingrédients |

_ 1 puff pastry

_ strawberries

_ sugar

_ icing sugar


| Method |

This recipe is quick and doesn’t require too many ingredients. The only thing you must have is a large oven capable of holding several baking trays horizontally. They can’t be wonky or else the pastry will become distorted when it cooks.

Start by taking your puff pastry out the fridge a few minutes before you begin so that it doesn’t break up when you’re trying to roll it out (we want it at room temperature). Next turn the oven on (fan oven if possible) to 200°C.

Roll out the pastry and cut the largest rectangle you can make out of it. You can throw away the ends or use them to make mini puff parcels (goat’s cheese and thyme for example.)

Roll the rectangle up like a tube and then cut to form as many round spirals as you’re hoping to get out of the recipe. Put the spirals laying on their side on top of some baking paper and cover them with another sheet of baking paper (really important!) Place in the oven for around 12 minutes with another baking tray placed on top of them. Check them at 12 minutes – when the pastry is golden it’s ready; otherwise leave for a few more minutes carefully keeping an eye on it.

Whilst the puff pastry is cooling, cut the strawberries into thin slices (vertically or horizontally) and roll them in the icing sugar. Place on the puff pastry, add a layer of chantilly cream, a final strawberry on top for decoration and a dusting of icing sugar over it all and there you have it – some great mini tartlets before your very eyes.

One important thing: chantilly cream loses its consistency really quickly, so these tartlets should really be put together just before eating/ serving.

♪ Everything is gonna be alright…Tonight…

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