| Chocolate & Passion Fruit Mousse |

Inspired by Old Love / New Love – Twin Shadow

In Brazil we drink, eat and live out of passion fruit…it’s everywhere and it’s tasty & juicy ! I’ve always loved it since I was a child… be it as juice, jam  or – of course – some sort of crazy sweet (welcome to Brazil!) dessert.

Sadly, this old love was shattered once I got to Paris. Here only a few, like Pierre Hermé (AMEN! to his Mogador…) seem to share this almost daily craving of mine. Fortunately… once in a while you can find good passion fruit in asian shops, at le Monoprix or at La Grande Epicerie. So once you do stumble upon them, don’t think twice and find a way to mix it with chocolate… here’s my personal favorite way to do it ! Try it & embrace your newest love !

| Ingredients |

_ 250g of dark chocolate 65%

_ 100g of unsalted butter

_ 6 eggs

_ 60g sugar

_ 5-6 passion fruit

| Method |

First thing first friends : let’s get rid of the passion fruit syrup. That’s super easy : slice your passion fruits, collect the pulp with the seeds, warm it up in a pan and add 20g of sugar. Stir here and there and let it cook for 5 minutes.


Don’t go crazy, we just want to blend the sugar in, get rid of some water and get a syrupy mixture that will go on the bottom of your mousse.


Once the syrup is all set, focus on the mousse. We are looking at a very quick process : melt the chocolate and the butter (bain marie please no microwave unless you can’t do otherwise) and add 4 egg yolks after it cools a bit, one by one (save the whites ! we’ll use them in a while).


Now either you have a Kitchen Aid or something of the sort and this is easier than lacing your shoes or it’s gonna be a bitch-15-minutes that you are about to live, but again, totally worth it. With magical help or with your hands the ideal is the same, whisk 6 egg whites adding 40g of sugar by little portions until you can turn the bowl upside down and nothing falls.


Gently mix the chocolat with the egg whites and there you go… now let the mousse cool at the fridge during at least two hours, no not less otherwise you’ll lose on the deliciousness factor. You can put it either inside large bowl if you want to serve it family style, directly on top of the passion fruit syrup, or if you want to play put the mousse mixture inside a piping bag and then draw away!


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