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Blague à part, it takes some balls to totally change your life & start over guided only by the will of doing something in which you truly believe. Being currently in that mood, it was a real pleasure to recently meet Salomé Vidal & Jérémie Kanza who decided to get unplugged from the Matrix, get new bones & follow their dreams… and that is how the story of Balls began!

Thanks to this two young, passionate & bold entrepreneurs it is now safe to say that Hipsterland was blessed by the grace of tasty meatballs (& their delicious sides).


Beef (parsley, onion), chicken (tarragon, lemon), lamb (cilantro, cumin, pine nuts), pork (fennel, paprika) or veggie (eggplant, chickpea) : pick your poison! Also, a special hello to the lentils-feta-zucchini salad.


Need a powerlunch break? Grab a balls sandwich (8€).

Fancy a cocktail? Come in at night for some extra fun!


So to cut a long story short if you have heard about the Balls buzz recently, it’s notmal :  it’s not only a cool project created by interesting people – the food is good and the prices are low ! What are you waiting for?

47, Rue Saint-Maur – 75011 Paris
+ 33 9 51 38 74 89 / www.ballsrestaurant.com

♪ then I’m starting over again, I need new bones I need them…


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