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Being the Brazilian carnivore that I am, I went there with high expectations and got out with mixed feelings ! Not far from the Halles / Etienne Marcel, here a magical setting ensures success : coming from the prestigious farms of Tim Wilson (Yorkshire) once arrived the meat is prepared by Yves-Marie Le Bourdonnec and behind the whole thing it’s the guys from Experimental Cocktail Club who are pulling the strings – and also in charge of the Ballroom, “secret” cocktail bar below the restaurant.

I came on purpose hoping to – finally – find a good spot to eat some picanha (delicious Brazilian meat cut) in Paris despite the price (29€). But as soon as I shared my intentions with the waitress she calmed my excitement telling me that all meat cuts were not available.

After a few seconds in choc…”The burger then?”

“We don’t have it either.” – “Euh… what’s the fish of the day?” (let’s go 360° then I was thinking…!) – “Unfortunately we don’t have it either tonight.” – “Hmm. What do you have then?!” … every item above 36€ on the menu.

Was it some kind of joke? Conditions of service after 10pm? Hard to tell. A daring service for sure, but the cooks saved it : I got reassured with a rumsteck (21€) that was, despite the mood of the evening, really delicious. I also tasted the pork breast (23€) slowly cooked with white bear that was also pretty good. My biggest surprise was the tomatoes & bell peppers salad (side dish) that was particularly tasty (it made me want to drink it’s vinaigrette!).

Overall it’s a pretty good address for meat. Less pricey than Anahi, but for sure it’s worth calling before to make sure which meat cuts are being served the same night !

The Beef Club
58, Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau  – 75001 Paris
+ 33 9 5437 13 65 / www.eccbeefclub.com

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