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| Spinach & Sausage Rigatoni |

Inspired by Jerk Ribs | Kelis

If you were in Paris yesterday, I do hope you went to see Kelis, as she did an amazing concert @ La Gaîté Lyrique ! These past days I spent a lot of time listening to FOOD on repeat, and for those who haven’t heard it, I really do recommend it. I think it’s going to be big success even though a very different genre from the amazing FLESH TONE.

We already know Kelis is a good singer, but not everyone knows that her talents go beyond singing. Not only can she cook, and has been cooking for a while but her cooking has inspired a lot of her music – remember her album TASTY with the famous hit Milkshake to which we have all danced in not so elegant ways! She even got trained @ the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu school in Paris, so really, she is no amateur.

Like a good meal, FOOD has to be appreciated as a whole, beginning to end and why not on repeat. It’s made up of many possible hits that are quite catchy and fun, like Jerk Ribs. Of course, all this made me hungry, and since I didn’t have any pork ribs I went for some pork sausages that were left in the fridge.

Inspired by this song, I came up with an easy recipe, much less decadent than giant Pork Ribs but as carnivorous!

| Ingredients |

I always find it quite difficult to state on quantities, as it really depends on how hungry you are, right? but I guess this can be a base for 4.

_ 500g of rigatoni 

_ 300g of  pork sausage 

_ 200g of fresh spinach

_ 1 garlic clove

_ 100ml of crème fraiche 


_ extra virgin olive oil

_ ground salt pepper 

| Method |

There are two easy steps that we need to handles : the garnish & the pasta itself.

Start by blanching your spinach (1 minute in boiling water), then mix it on a pan over slow heat with the chopped garlic, the crème fraîche, a little bit of olive oil, and salt & pepper to taste. Then cook the sausages (pierce them on their length with a fork, and don’t add any oil or butter, there is no need!), grill them until they are nicely colored on all sides then shred them and mix them with the spinach. Keep it warm (on a bain-marie, on the oven at 60°C, of over slow fire stirring regularly).

Then comes the classical pasta move : if you can respecte the 1,10,100 (1L of water for 10g of salt and 100g of pasta), which means you’ll need a very tall pan. Si you can’t try to remember to add that purchase to your to do, as it changes everything! But for now, just try to get as much water as you can. Respect the cooking time indicated and go for al dente unless you have a particular preference. A little trick : if you are preparing this in advance, drain the paste 1 minutes before the indicated cooking time and give them a little boil just before serving, you’ll have bigger chances of obtaining a good result!

Now mix the whole thing, check the seasoning, grate/shave some parmesan on top and don’t forget the last drizzle of olive oil… then eat away, if possible with a nice glass of red.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Tested and approved ! It is delicious ! Do you ever do it with another kind of pasta?

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