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Rodeio played a big part in my childhood! Up until I was about 12 my family ate there often (perhaps too) often. We went there so regularly that when the waiters saw me arrive they’d prepare our table with a cushion and paper napkins. We usually went there quite late on in the evening and after a delicious bit of meat my little body couldn’t stay awake so I’d often end up falling asleep at the end of the meal!

My opinion is inevitably biased because of these tender childhood memories but if you look in any guide to São Paulo or if you ask and local foodies you’ll see that, objectively it is also one of the very very best places to go for good quality meat. I’m not going to hold back: for me it is frankly the best place to enjoy churrascaria, and believe me, as quite the carnivore I’ve had more than my fair share of meat! The finesse and flavour of their “picanha fatiada (a famous Brazilian cut, here served in thin strips) is unique. You’ll have gathered, then, that it’s my favourite dish in the world– and that’s by no means me being hyperbolic, I’m really speaking honestly here.

Their reputation doesn’t just stop with meat though. You have to try “pão de queijo” (a Brazilian speciality with cheese), their rice dish “Biro Biro” to accompany it and the “bananas flambadas” for dessert.

The only downside is the prices, which are a little steep but totally worth it. Reserve in advance.

 Rua Haddock Lobo, 1498 Jardins – São Paulo
+55 (11) 3474-1333 /

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