| Pinapple, Ginger & Parsley Smoothie |

Inspired by Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do | Robyn

We’re all terrified by Sundays. That strange, anxious, inexplicable feeling of…apocalypse? Yes that’s what I’m talking about. Robyn seems to be particularly susceptible to it and it’s understandable.

It can’t be easy to wake up as a Swedish pop star who has promoted her latest album on Gossip Girl, hangs at parisian fashion shows and eventually DJs when needed. Instead of moping about hating life, the best thing to do is to get things under control and that begins with making a good smoothie. Drink it defiantly whilst listening to « Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do ».

| Ingredients |

_ ½ pineapple

_ ginger

_ parsley

_ ice cubes

| Method |

The first thing to do is to peel the pineapple whilst retaining as much of the flesh as possible, avoiding the middle hard part. Next peel and grate the Ginger (as much of it as you like.)

Select some nice parsley leave and whizz all the ingredients round in a blender a few times and then add a little water if the mixture is too thick (and perhaps some sugar – I recommend without as long as your pineapple is ripe enough.)

If you’re not drinking it all at once, remember to mix it all together again before you go for round two, ideally with the blender.

♫ Calm down, you’re killing me…


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