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Inspired, it seems, by the work of Lewis Carroll, this place is worth visiting not really for its selection of teas (good, though not life changing) but rather for its desserts which never fail to delight me.

Situated in the heart of the Marais, not far from falafel shops, it’s the ideal spot to relax for a few minutes and treat yourself to something sweet mid-afternoon. During the week you shouldn’t have to wait too long for a table, but at the weekend… if you’re walking around the Marais and you spot an enormous queue on the corner of a road that’s the place.

The wait is worth it, above all for the banana and chocolate tart or the lemon meringue pie even if it is just to see the 8 cm of meringue on top and to attempt to eat it all. Their savoury tarts at lunchtime are equally sure to delight.

The rooms are warm and the ambiance can be touristy but it’s nice.

Allow 10€ for a cup of tea and a dessert (there’s a set deal from 4pm onwards.)

Le Loir dans la Théière
3, Rue des Rosiers – 75004 Paris
+33 1 42 72 90 61

♪ You’re dreaming! Are you dreaming? Oh, Alice …

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