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If you feel like you recognize this face… you probably had too many drinks @ Le Dauphin in  2011-2012! If you don’t, meet Camille Fourmont, the lovely owner of La Buvette. With it’s 3 little tables and a cozy counter La Buvette truly is one of those magical little places everyone would love to have just by home to able to walk in Each and Everyday!

With an meticulously chosen wine list and produce that will make you order 3 more dishes than you initially thought you would  it could very easily become your favorite afterwork spot, your weekend afternoon hangout and without a doubt a brillant option for a proximity wine shop !

Due to permit reasons you cannot drink without eating. I know that some might find that annoying … I personally see it more like a blessing : it actually gives you a legal excuse to devour a wide selection of cheese, sardines, charcuterie, terrines, etc!

So should you go with the signature white beans & cedrat zest …


… beautiful slices of tome de vache with an alpine edible flowers crust


… or exquisite mackerels with lemon oil & poppy vinegar there is no way you won’t find something to immediately put a smile upon your face ! 


Besides the super tasty food, I could list some amazing wines you could try here but  part of the experience really is to chat with Camille and get her recommendation or the latest arrivals. She has a wide variety of natural (but not only) wines so just start by telling her a color, she’ll fix you up within seconds and when it will be time to leave to your diner or to the next place… you’ll actually end up until it closes !



You can go there willing to spend little money which will get you nice wine (5€ for a glass / 8€ corkage fee) and a few dishes  (3-12€), but since you will want to eat everything slip two pretty 20s in your pocket, just to be safe!


La Buvette
67, Rue Saint-Maur – 75011 Paris
+ 33 9 83 56 94 11

♪ We could be so very happy each and every day …


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