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Go there listening to 내가 제일 잘 나가 – 2NE1

Fellow parisians, two things that are currently not well spread in Paris : Koreans are rocking pop music big time (you should also be aware that 2NE1 has happened with this- and before going #hater remember yourself dancing to Spice Girls, yeah…) & you do have a pretty cool fast food-ish korean option just around the corner if you are hanging around the 10th and let’s say…start craving for a bibimbap.

@ Jules & Shim (pun intended) besides the pleasure of saying “bibimbap” out loud, for a super fair price (8-20€)  you can get a quick and tasty – to stay or to go (or better yet to go to the Canal when the sun is there) – bibimbap that will for sure keep your belly warm and put a smile on your face. Get a Jules or a Shim combo or just a bibimbap (veggie, beef, prawns, daily special) and delight yourself with simple, well prepared delicious food.



And the best was yet to come : it’s open daily until 10pm and for you lazies who are lucky to live @ Hipsterland you can even get it delivered. Try it out and let me know how it goes !

Jules et Shim 
22, Rue des Vinaigriers – 75010 Paris
+ 33 1 58 20 17 91 / www.julesetshim.com

♪ Bam Ratatata Tatatatata… 


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