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I realize I am not breaking any news for you ! Candelaria has been around for a while now… but given it’s size and the trend around it when it opened it was nearly impossible to just walk in – be it for the tacos or for the cocktails. For that reason… I almost like it even more now since sometimes you can now have a Good Time, you can just push the door and actually get some !

The food is pretty simple, well executed with fresh products. It’s a perfect lunch treat if you are around the Marais and want to eat something tasty in a quick bite for 11,50€!


Just hola your way in, get the lunch special, sit at the bar and chat with the cook if you didn’t get up on the wrong side of the bed or meditate alone at their only table while your tacos burst to life!


If you are lucky they will still have the black bean – frijoles -soup that totally got my Brazilian core craving for home – yes latin americans tend to understand each other when it comes to food !


 Before you finish your tacos will be presented to you, so keep calm and savor those frijoles.


As for the main attraction I went – of course! – with banana & bacon, pumpkin & beef cheek and would totally do it again, many times !

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If you are here for cocktail-perfected-realness (12€), show up from thursday to saturday nights, politely skipping the first room and moving directly to the darker room for fun eclectic indie & electro DJ sets. But remember, you are in Paris… so respect the voisinage !

52, Rue Saintonge – 75003 Paris

♪ Good times keep rolling, dance to escape now…


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