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| Apple Strawberry Cinnamon Crumble |

Inspired by Dark & Stormy | Hot Chip

My favorite recipes are those that you can create with whatever is left in your cupboards and in your fridge. It’s often time at 2 am coming back from a party when I find myself face to face to starving friends that I try to come up with easy simple things as it will always be better than eating shit food and it will not doubt help us sleeping better!

This crumble was born like that… when I was at the beach in Brazil during a holiday gone wild locked under a storm with a few friends… we were bored, we were hungry … we were pretty Dark & Stormy. Honestly… pay 1400€ to go meet the sun and you find yourself under a end-of-the-world rain in small village with nothing to do.. uncool. Et then.. this crumble saved us. We had luck as we had everything we needed – well actually we fucked up our grocery shopping and we only had those ingredients ! So after that… we went back to the supermarket, went crazy and decided to keep on cooking under the rain, having 5 course meals for breakfast, lunch and diner !

Once I got home I never forgot that recipe. We always have flour, sugar, butter and a few apples… all you need it to also have some ground cinnamon and be lucky enough to have bought some strawberries that weren’t sweet enough for you to devour them raw. Even better, they add an acidity note that will be perfect for this recipe.

Well, to be honest, I aways have cinnamon at home. I use it often and a lot. For this crumble you should really follow your taste, but to give you an idea, when I bake it… I probably put what you consider ‘too much’ (I said ‘too much’ not ‘a lot’ hein!) then double it… then I take a look.. then I double it again ! And it’s so delicious…. (once upon a time i had a cinnamon based toothpaste…!).

| Ingredients |

_ 1 basket of not necessarily sweet strawberries

_ 6 large red apples

_ 150 g of sugar

_ 150 g of flour

_ 125 g of unsalted butter

_ ground cinnamon to taste, I use a lot (too much?)

| Method |

Start by preheating your oven to 200°. The crumble crust is very easy to make and is traditionally made by hand. This being said you can always use your Kitchen Aid (or like) on minimum speed. All you need to do is mix the sugar, flour, butter (cold) cut into small cubes & cinnamon together. We are looking to get an irregular sized sand-like dough. There will be a lot of water coming out of the fruits once they bake so having some larger crumble bits will help keeping the crunchy effect.

After, clean the fruits and peel the apples. The strawberries can be cut in 4, the apples in small  2cm² cubes.

crumble3-fraise-pomme-cannelle-strawberry-cinnamon-apple-031felipe-terrazzan-the-blind-taste-food-blog-gourmand-cuisine-culinary-recette-recipe-guide-restaurant-paris-new-york-sao-paulo-fooding-receitas-gastronomia-cozinha-delicious-easy-tasty-facile-candelaria-glass-paris-3-marais-restaurant-tacos-tapas-mexicain7-sake-sakerinha-cocktail-fraise-basilic-basilc-strawberry-bruschetta-grapes-raisins-chèvre-noix-walnuts-bruschetta 1-tarte-caramel-poires-caramelises-caramelized-pears-6

Once everything is ready, choose your baking pans, the shape doesn’t matter but I recommend always work with baking paper. It’s very helpful as this crumble can get moist and if you want to take it out of the baking pan for presentation, without the baking paper, chances are it will fall apart.

Bake for 15 minutes then lower the heat to 180° and bake for another 15 minutes. The baking time depends of how you like it, crunchy of melting. Try some of the crust on top and judge when it’s good for you…but 45 minutes should totally do it !

crumble3-fraise-pomme-cannelle-strawberry-cinnamon-apple-031felipe-terrazzan-the-blind-taste-food-blog-gourmand-cuisine-culinary-recette-recipe-guide-restaurant-paris-new-york-sao-paulo-fooding-receitas-gastronomia-cozinha-delicious-easy-tasty-facile-candelaria-glass-paris-3-marais-restaurant-tacos-tapas-mexicain7-sake-sakerinha-cocktail-fraise-basilic-basilc-strawberry-bruschetta-grapes-raisins-chèvre-noix-walnuts-bruschetta 1-tarte-caramel-poires-caramelises-caramelized-pears-5

I prefer to serve it tepid, why not with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. But if you do it cold the next day.. you’ll have an amazing breakfast !

Recipe featured @ Paulette Magazine 
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