| Watermelon Gaspacho |

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Today it’s the 21st of june. It’s officially Summer. Only… the time to roll around on sand, attack that pile of books dominating your bedroom and eating not 5 but 20 fruits and vegetables per day hasn’t quite arrived yet.

The beach. Perhaps it’s not for tomorrow but we can get closer to it slowly. Here’s a fast, easy and specially fresh recipe.

| Ingredients for 5-6 people |

_ 1/2  watermelon

_ 1/2 cucumber

_ 2 tomatoes

_ 1 lime

_ 1 red bell pepper

_ fresh basil

balsamic vinegar

_ extra virgin olive oil

_ ground salt & pepper

| Method |

The most annoying tasks here are taking out the seeds and peeling the bell pepper, tomatoes and cucumber. Once they are done your gaspacho will be ready within minutes.

Chop your fruits and vegetables (making sure to remove seeds) in small cubes and blend them together.

Add some fresh basil, lime juice and once it suits your taste add a spoon of olive oil, a dash of balsamic vinegar, ground salt and pepper. You can serve it plain or with small watermelon cubes.

It’s not yet beach time, but it will fore sure give you a preview taste of summer vacations!

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