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| Paprika Chicken & Green Curry Veggies |

Inspired by Aazma | Luck Soundtrack

After a painful adventure in India during the Summer of 2009 I kept away, until today, from any food having the slightest touch of indian tradition. This being said, we’re starting a new year. 2001 is by the way, the year of happiness I’m telling you ! For that reason, after a shuffling upon the soundtrack of ‘Luck’ (a new gen bollywood which really made me laugh during that trip) I decided to take a leap of faith.

To go slowly, I wanted to try a savoury chicken dish with lot’s of occidental flavour whilst risking “curry” – something that haven’t been in my mouth for more than a year now! The result is this easy, cheap and fast recipe.

Ok, yes we are far away from real Tikka Masala tradition but to me this has been a huge step (loose 10kg in 8 days during your indian trip & we’ll talk about it) !

| Ingredients for 2 |

Curried Veggies

_ 1 broccoli

_ ½ white onion

_ 1 large zucchini

_ 1 apple

_ green curry paste (watch out, it’s often very spice)

Paprika Chicken

_ 400g of chicken breast 

_ Oliviers & Co.’s tomato powder

_ paprika

_ extra virgin olive oil 

_ ground salt pepper

| Method |

This is a very good call for somebody that get home late after a long day of inboxing, liking and sharing and that will inevitably end up eating…sad pasta. All you need to do is make sure to have 2-3 necessary ingredients (veggies, spices, etc).

Start by chopping your veggies in small regular bites and getting them brown on a frying pan. Season the chicken breasts and get them going on another frying pan aiming to get them golden. Juggle between these two frying pans your veggies are cooked and that the chicken gets a thin crusty layer.

Once you’re done, add the curry paste to the veggies and the paprika to the chicken both up to your taste. The flavours go well together but make sure to not abuse of the quantities of spices. Let is cook, while you stir both pans for a few minutes and then start building up your plates. Veggies go first, then on top of them the chicken needles. Here goes the secret of this dish : to fight my indian trauma I called upon mediterranean powers. It might sound crazy but it worked perfectly for me. And you can do it with one of my favourite products – Oliviers & Co.’s tomato powder.

Traditionally used to intensify tomato based sauces, I use it often on top of salads of meat to add an extra flavour. Try it on !

♪ Aazma luck aazma…

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