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Go there listening to Fine Day | Erlend Øye

While waiting to come to the Carreau du Temple on weekends to enjoy cultural & gym spots that should open circa 2039 – judging by the pace of the construction work – today you can come to brunch/dine @ Nanashi 2 whenever feeling “hip-tired-healthy”.

If you feel that the mood strangely reminds you of Rose Bakery don’t look too far : Chef Kaori Endo, ex-RB rules the house. Prices are less expensive than at RB but the delicious factor decreases as well except for the don de boeuf (well done, thanks!) & the matcha green tea cheesecake (!!!) that are both delicious! You can also try the bentô…although I am always disappointed.


An ideal way to start your weekend : savor your don with a nice cup of genmaicha to get warm, exchange a few words with tourists near you and appreciate the parade of pastries, bobo families & all kinds of hipsters. Take away to be considered.

Nanashi 2
57, Rue Charlot  – 75003 Paris
+ 33 1 44 61 45 49 /

Two other addresses, but the spaces are less nice : 31 rue de Paradis, 75010 Paris / 6 rue de Tournon, 75006 Paris @ Bonpoint

♫ It’s going to be a fine night tonight…

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