| The Blind What? | by Felipe Terrazzan

Welcome to | The Blind Taste | my personal space where I can share my passions with interesting and creative people that are also trying to make their dreams a very real part of their every day.

Why blind? |

Because I believe that good food makes us happy, and to really appreciate good food you have to play a bit with your senses and be willing to build without instructions. Create something. Close your eyes and smell it. Then taste it. If you feel raw pleasure inside you, it means it really is delicious. Open your eyes now. Chances are that if you see something beautiful you’ll smile & the combination of all that will make you happy. And personally, I don’t know anything that makes people happier than sharing, tasting and enjoying good food.

Me, before |

Born in Brazil with Italian heritage, I’ve been exposed to an extremely diverse gastronomic world from a very young age. After many years spent in São Paulo, Paris and Lille, as well as some time in New York, I decided to settle in Paris. I studied at Sciences Po Lille where temporarily relocated to Northern France and uninspired by sandwiches or the campus canteen food, I found myself naturally spending more and more time cooking, trying out recipes and creating my own.

Once into the real world, I started at Le Fooding working as their event production manager in Paris, Arles, Biarritz, New York & Milan in 2011, and after a spell in the corporate world (Air Paris, L’Oréal Paris) as digital communication project manager in 2012-2013, I decided to come back to food. Full-time food.

Me, now |

I realised I had spent way too much time doing things I liked but wasn’t passionate about, and I believe that not only is life too short, but we owe it to ourselves to make all the necessary efforts to create the life we want to live.

Today, I can be found preparing the  ‘CAP cuisine’ exam, in the kitchen at Restaurant Bones on Saturdays in Paris, and focusing on my ideas for this project, The Blind Taste. You can sum up my life in two main activities: enjoying music & cooking. They’re my greatest passions and they fill all of my days.

Why food x music ? |

My love of music is simple: I’m one of those people who can’t go anywhere without their iPod, who loses countless hours in obscure places on SoundCloud, always up to DJing at friends’ parties, who lipsynchs (for my life!) in the shower, and most importantly, dances like nobody is watching. Responding to music, without instructions.

When it comes to my passion for cooking, that began when I was very young. While my mother is a very gifted cook, she never perfected desserts. She made many fine dishes, but “finished off” many a dessert with a characteristic burn. I took it as my cue to take over, and that is probably the reason why I have such a sweet tooth. The two of us made a good team.

Now… how does music influence my blog? Sometimes, I’ll be walking around all day with my headphones on, and hear a word, or a sentence, and suddenly come up with a dish idea in my head. Other times I’ll just spend whole afternoons cooking with and for friends while we shared our latest musical discoveries. Or sometimes, I listen to something that puts me in a particular mood to go out and eat somewhere fun! Bottom line : for me both worlds are extremely creative and are perfect to influence one another!

Why The Blind Taste ? |

With The Blind Taste, I’m not asking you to blindly trust my judgements, but to let yourself trust your own, just remembering that:

with little money, you can still make beautiful food;

investing in what you eat is important, especially in today’s fast food world;

cooking is fun but with the right music playing it’s your own private party!

So, with a little guidance, the kitchen & dancefloor are handed over to you.

ps: english is not my first language so you might see some mistakes here and there… apologies ! 

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