| Double Chocolate Muffins |

Inspired by Chocolate (Oli Slack Remix) | The 1975

When I was a student at Sciences Po Lille I had a muffin-obsessed phase. I had decided that I would master THE muffin recipe and nothing would stop me. And it worked…I behaved as a crazy man baking something like 250 muffins total in two weeks…which made my class mates quite happy…and made me quite fat. Some time ago I thought about sharing it here… and suddenly realized I lost the note book where I had written all my notes !

That was really depressing… all that work for nothing… for years I just avoided making muffins until recently, on a trip to Barcelona I met up with Matias who is one of the few people on this planet that might be as obsessed with food as I am. He had also had his muffin-obsessed phase and had an amazing ‘Disneyland Blueberry Muffins’ recipe. We combined what I could remember of mine, with that, made a few experiments and came up with a delicious recipe that is now also yours !

You’ll see that muffin-making is not a complicated art, but to get the best out of them, there is one trick : do not mix the ingredients too much. Respect that and you’ll be a muffin-god!

| Ingredients |

For 12 muffins, count :

_ 250g of flour

_ 100g of caster sugar

_ 10g of baking powder 

_ 5g of salt

2 large free-range eggs

 _ 125ml of milk, fresh cream or natural yoghurt (whatever you have in the fridge)

  _ 115g of butter

_ 10ml of vanilla  extract

100g of white chocolate

_ 200g of dark chocolate 

| Method |

Start by preheating the oven to 200°C and be ready to use it cause muffins tins will be coming in shortly. You’ll be amazed at how easy and fast it is to make those…and will probably curse me cause you’ll end up making too many of them and will eventually get fat. Sorry.

First, melt 100g of dark chocolat with butter over a bain-marie. While the chocolate is melting, take that time to butter your muffins tins (unless they are silicon tins, in which case you don’t need to do that).

We’ll mix ‘dried’ and ‘wet’ goods separately, then combine them. So in one bowl, mix the flour, sugar, baking power and salt… and on another bowl the milk/cream/yoghurt, eggs, melted chocolate and vanilla. Now mix them together on a large bowl and whisk it lightly until just combined. Drop in 100g of dark and 100g of white chocolate cut into small pieces making sure that they go everywhere but, really, be careful : do not whisk too much, this is the secret of this recipe.

Fill the muffins tins about 2/3 and let them bake for 15-20 minutes or until a knife inserted near the center of a muffin comes out clean.


Serve warm or at room temperature.


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